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Pony Fantasy 6 version 1.0b is now available!  
Previous Updates

Please excuse the lack of updates, as today's update is kind of a non-update in and of itself. It's been an extremely busy summer for me, with a lot going on, but none of that involved working on Pony Fantasy 6 unfortunately. Between buying my first home and getting promoted at work, and the awesome lineup of summer games that came out, I have hardly touched my PC for any reason. For now, I'm going to officially say things are "on hold", so take a break and check back later. Once I'm snowed in for the winter I'm sure I'll get bored again, as I do every year here in New England. In the meantime, I am playing a lot of Dragon's Crown  on PS3, feel free to add me my tag is "QuickFix17".

I've updated the readme file that's included with the game, please take a look (re-download the game) to see them. I have some notes for those who have played the vanilla version of Final Fantasy 6 and other notes for those who are brand new to the game. As for the 2.0 update, it's going slow, but I'm doing a few enemies at a time so there is tangible progress, and I am seeing a few other things along the way to clean up. (I need to play the whole game again to test everything, as you can imagine that takes a while!)

So I got an email from my webhosting provider, it said my site was being moved to a new server and "no action will be needed on my part". Yeah right! Some bad code (there's a lot of it, I'm not exactly a professional web designer!) that was sitting there minding its own business on the old server decided to make everything explode on the new server, go figure! So anyway my apologies if you tried to come here and got a lame error message, everything should be fine now.

Seems like I'm the last guy in the world to finish my college finals, but I'm back! Hope to have an update soonish.

You wouldn't believe how much trouble it was to get  the "Summon" command to be hidden before Celestia learns magic...

This came to my inbox today, I thought I should share it with you!
Special thanks to Mike Alkire for making it!

Three more things going on this week! I picked up a new controller  to make testing easier. Game wise, I blanked out all the monster drop tables which was easy, but tedious. Drops and steals will be different this time around, I'm hoping to pace it out like  Final Fantasy 7 , where stealing and farming rare drops lets you get the better gear one or two scenes before you can buy the stuff in the shop, but you can live without it. And finally, if you are familiar with the Mentally Advanced Series , FiMFlamFilosophy is doing a Let's Play of PF6 in his Rainbow Dash voice.

 Came across a very cool link this week. If you watch The Spoony Experiment  at all, you might notice his collection of Final Fantasy 6 perler-bead figures in the background. Well, someone decided to make some for Pony Fantasy 6 and I just had to have one! Click here  to check out his deviantart page if you want one yourself!

Ok, break's over! After playing some other  games , I've pooled up enough ideas and desire to go back to Pony Fantasy 6 in earnest. There is a bit of bad news - version 1.1 isn't coming. I'm going to skip right to 2.0, but what does that mean? Well I intend for you to start a new game after all these changes, since they will almost exclusively focus on gameplay. Things like items, espers, (or Phantom Beasts, if you prefer), and when and where you acquire said items. So in short, if you're worried you'll miss out on any new script, stop worrying. Of course I will check one more time for typos, bad grammar, and minor re-wordings for clarity, but the script is more or less finished.

Oh and by the way, would anyone be interested in some alternate costumes? This example is not scientifically possible with the current palettes, but perhaps I could find a way...

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