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At the bottom of the page, you'll find the links to the rom itself, and a spritesheet for the main characters.

Take a moment to view the credits as you go, the artists and hackers have provided many resources to make this possible.

The list of MLP artists is massive, but I'm going to highlight the ones who either helped with monster art, character portraits, or were just a source of inspiration for this project .
Applejack's Portait by - midnite99
Pinkie's Portrait by - Felix Kot
Sweetie's Portrait by - solusjbj
Celestia's Portrait by - mihaaaa
Applebloom's Portrait by - shelltoontv
Rainbow's Portrait by - lixr
Scootaloo's Portrait by - kooner01
Trixie's Portrait by - rainbowcupcakebath
Fluttershy's Portrait by - 4nti3hrman
Numerous monsters by - masterrottweiler
Queen Chrysalis by - j-diddy4life
Discord by - azure_vortex
Derpy and Lauren Faust's portraits by - Equestria Prevails
Filly Fantasy 6 by - tristikov

People have been hacking Final Fantasy VI for many years. I only came upon the scene about 6 months ago, a total noob.

Down below are the people from and a few other places that shared their knowledge and posted tutorials so people like me didn't have to start from scratch!
Gi Nattak Gi Nattak saved my project at least 3 times. Most crucially he taught me how to inject clean map data in after mine had been corrupted by FF6LE Rogue version, and he has written some of my favorite patches for FF6 such as Functional Umaro, Mog Never stumbles, and the lost 3rd digit mp cost. His website is a link to his own FF6 hack which is WAY more ambitious than my humble offering here, please check it out and say thank you.
TheMadsiur   I read multiple tutorials on how to event edit, but it was Madsiur's video that finally broke through and let me understand how it all fit together. Anything like a character action or a new line of dialogue, only possible by event editing.
Zeemis His tutorial on decompressing, editing and reinserting graphics came in handy multiple times. Things like the quill cursor and changing "miss" to "fail" would not have been possible without him.
Lord Envoy Basically anything to do with enemy AI. I studied his code and thanks to the testing he did with FF3usME I didn't have to write my own scripts by hand like he did.
This is not a complete list of the FF6 hacking community by any means, but they all where a big help to me personally, thanks again to all of you.

And here it is! My spritesheets are free to use in any project you like, as is the rom itself for obvious reasons.

Donations are welcome and appreciated, webhosting is not free and I refuse to place annoying ad banners. Either way, enjoy!
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