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Frequently asked questions about this project
Q: So why'd you decide to do this?
A: It's pretty simple actually. I think FF6 is one of the greatest games of all time, but perhaps a bit forgotten because it came out so long ago. Friendship is Magic has such a large cast of characters with well defined personalities, I felt they could carry the story and make a sort of "lost sequel" or at least a good remix of such a great game.
Q: Why is the font so hard to read?
A: People really seem to hate the font, I know. It's based on Celestia Medium Redux, which I thought would be appropriate. My only suggestion is to try turning the 2xSai engine on and off on your emulator and see which way is easier for you to read.
Q: I see you credited a lot of people for this project, so what did YOU actually do?
A: The Tools where a huge help, of course, but I drew all the 16x24 sprites of all the ponies, rewrote the script, changed some scenes, added a couple new ones, and wrote some new AI for about 12 of the bosses. The monster sprites and character portraits where drawn by actual artists,  but they did require retouching and editing to shoehorn into the rom.
Q: I've already played FF6, why should I play this hack?
A: Well there's a few small new scenes I wrote, as well as a longer, rewritten script. Gameplay wise, it's higher in difficulty due to the bosses being tougher, and not getting stats from espers.
Q: Who's your favorite pony?
A: I'll let Luna say it
Q: Why did you ship Trixie with Applebloom?
A: It's strictly platonic, so please get over it!
Q: How long did this take to do?
A: About 6 months from start to version 0.90. My work pace was uneven, to say the least. I started posting on youtube  to force myself not to give up, and here we are at the end!
Q: Will you please shut up and take my bits?
A: I setup a donation button in case anyone feels that way.  Brohoofs are pretty awesome to get too though,feel free to email me and let me know what you thought about the game.
Q: I'm having trouble using Luna's Ansatsuken!
A: When you select Ansatsu, the Quill cursor will point at Luna. At that point, you hit Left, Right, Left, then hit the "A" button (confirm button) to confirm the technique.
For techniques learned later in the game such as Kamikaze, try hitting Left Left, Up, Right, Right instead of Left, Up/Left, Up, Up/Right, Right.
Q: The opening keeps looping over and over!
A: You need to press a button. No, literally, press the "A" button.